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6 Blogging Advantages And Disadvantages You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

A very happy 2021 to all my audience. It’s a bit late to wish you, however, it’s not too late. Everyone knows how the last year passed. Let’s now keep our eyes on the future. Though 2020 has given us shocks and setbacks which have not ended yet, I am sure each one of us has got or realized something good.

As we have understood from 2020, that nothing is permanent. There were large number of job losses, economy contracted to the worst and even the strongest financial instituions got the jolt.

In these pandemic times, I came across a term named blogging. Though I heard this term much before 2020. However, last year onwards I started to understand what it actually means.

Here I shall not speak about how to set up a blog website. If you want to know how to do that than check out my previous article for the same.

So, lets begin

I shall break down the article into the following topics

  1. What are blogs?
  2. Why should you think of starting a blog?
  3. 6 blogging advantages.
  4. 6 blogging disadvantages.
  5. Conclusion

What are blogs?

In the 1990’s people started a blog more often as a online personal diary. In some cases, people used to write about their daily routine and in the other regarding once passion, talent or loved subject.

Due to the evolving opportunities of blogging, millions of people have started to write blogs.

According to Wikipedia, A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. 

Why should you think of starting a blog?

There are many good sides to starting a blog and some cons as well. However, the pros way overrides the cons. To date, there are almost 500 million blogs on the internet. Every day more than 2 million blogs are posted.

So, whats make blogging so big? Why so many people are involved in it.

Let me give you a point wise answer for that,

6 Blogging advantages:

Blogging Advantages

1. Writing skills

Starting a blog has a huge impact on your writing. The quality of writing gets better and better and this is one of the top points in blogging advantages.

At the initial phase, you will feel awkward and everything will look like alien. But as time goes, your writing quality will get better. You then don’t have to look for words, the flow will be natural.

Slowly and steadily, your creative writing will start helping your audience and in return they will start loving your blog.

2. Blog act as your resume

Many people write niche blogs.

Niche blogs are mainly blog posts targeted towards a particular subjet of interest. You can start writing articles on your particular subject of interest, and it can help you land a job.

In your resume, you can include your blog website URL, which increases your credibility and increases your chance of grabing the opportunity.

There is a very good chance of your niche blog getting noticed by organisations..a step closer to your dream job.

3. Build your authority and brand

Creating content around your niche consistently and in a honest way builds trust among your audience. Blogging is a great way to create your personal brand.

Build your brand

For e.g. when I tell you about ‘Microsoft’ or ‘Tesla’ what comes to your mind first, definitely Bill Gates and Elon Musk. This is the power of a personal brand. People love to connect with the human being behind the machines.

And it is definitely true, that the success of the above two organizations to a great extent is depended on the wonderful personal branding of the two personas.

Once you start creating very good contents for your audience, you start to build your authority and once you continue the process in consistent way it starts building your brand.

4. Learning new skills

Finding your subject or niche is the first step to start a blog.

For starting a blog website, you need to develop yourself with additional skills and tools, which in the long run will be your best friend.

So, for starting a blog, you have to go through all the below steps,

  • Pick and buy a domain name with relevance to your niche
  • Buy hosting for your blog from a hosting service provider
  • Install WordPress
  • Pick a good WordPress theme for your site.
  • Install essential WordPress plugins.
  • Add contents and promote your blog

And thus in this process, you will learn how to create a website which is the first step of digital marketing,

Learn new skills

If you are serious about blogging, it can help you to learn so many things, some of them are as.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Google ads
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Website design etc.

In addition, the content which you create for every blog post becomes a knowledge powerhouse for you.

5. To generate income

This is one of the most important points on blogging advantages. And if you have landed on this article, then I definitely can tell this is the point you are looking for.

Have you heard about Neil Patel founder of or Harsh Agarwal of and hundred’s other like them?

Blogging Advantages: make money

These people earn millions every month by promoting their blog websites and helping and providing services to people with respect to blogging.

Harsh Agarwal earns close to a whopping 55000 dollars monthly, that’s more than many top-level CEO’s getting monthly, and he works anywhere from the world with his laptop. That sound’s COOL!!!

But to start with, this level of income is the result of years of hardwork and dedication. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.

Choosing a profitable niche for your blog is a good place to start. Selling your services via your blog requires you to build an audience targeting the people most likely to hire you.

Whatever path you choose be ready for a long and bumpy road ahead. With your consistent smart work, you will get your desired results.

6. To confront the fears within you

Writing good content is a great quality one possesses. Once you start creating content that is helpful to others, you slowly and steadily bring traffic to your site. Over time people start loving your writing.

Through blogging, you can get rid of the fears of confrontation which is often based on your own assumptions.

There are many ways to speak up and express your opinion, and doing so might improve the situation more than you ever imagined. And you will find that a healthy confrontation is always loved by your audience.

So, once you get a knowledge on the number of good sides of starting a blog, let me also tell you some bad sides or cons of starting a blog in a brief

6 Blogging disadvantages:

Blogging Disadvantages

1. A lonely world

Successful bloggers are almost like celebrities. But to get up there, they have covered a long road very much alone and lonely. No one else will do it for you, here you and only you are the center point.

To make your blog successful, be ready to spend a good amount of time alone. Most of the beginners don’t have that much patience to travel the road alone.

2. Patience, Patience and Patience

Blogging can become hectic if you don’t have patience.

I have already told you that it is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It’s time-consuming and a slow process.

Blogging takes a significant amount of consistency, commitment, and patience before showing you the real results which can take months and even a year.

3. Technical Issues

Many a time blog consistency gets much affected by technical issues, which arise from time to time in your website. There are a number of technical issues that may come across, for example, website loading issues, plugin-related problems, site directing to 401 pages, malware, mobile issues, etc.

Technical problems

Solving technical issues take away a major amount of time. Every blogger gets confronted by such issues now and then. This is frustrating!!!

4. No income if not well

Blogging can take a hell lot of time before you start seeing results. It can be frustrating. For bloggers who work alone, it becomes tough to create content when the body is not well.

Without periodically content updates, your traffic and money will start vanishing. In such cases better to hire a virtual assistant or a friend to add content.

5.The market is crowded

According to sources, there are currently more than 600 million blogs running on the internet. That means, for almost every 10 people there is one blog on the internet.

In such a crowded market, it requires your continuous planning to make a decent income

6. Haters, haters everywhere!

Regardless of what you write or how great your content might be, there will always be a few people who will be illogically rude. The first thing you need to accept is that you cannot impress everyone.

Illogical comments

In your blogging journey, you will get confronted by a few people, whose comments can make you feel awful😢 for weeks. Come out of that as fast as possible. In the long run, all such things fade away and will not bother you at all.

So, just keep on creating your amazing content😊and stick more to blogging advantages.


There are many opportunities, which you will come across in life that are not fully in your control, but Blogging is not like that. The above pros definitely outweigh the cons which make blogging appealing.

Blogging connects self with the mass. Write for your audience, and if you can create valuable content for them, it will come back to you with a 10X effect.

If you never started a blog, give it a try. I strongly recommend it. If you have a passion, start writing about it, slowly you will find a lot of like-minded people who are loving your contents. And you never know with time what your blog may become.

We all become too busy with our everyday life. We get only one. Try something new.

That’s all for today!!

A very happy 2021,


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