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Is Grammarly worth it? Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the tool: A kickass Grammarly review (2021).

Every writer on the internet knows how much frustrating it is to write good engaging content with zero grammar mistakes. For Non-native English speakers, the problem becomes much bigger.

Grammarly is thus a very good tool to help you immensely in such situations. It does a great job and satisfies the reason for which it is designed.

I have been using Grammarly for some time now and so, I feel, I can write a useful review on it which may help someone to finalize his or her decision to buy Grammarly and can also know how does Grammarly work.

So, in this post, I am going to present you a detailed and unbiased Grammarly review with its pros and cons along with my final verdict.

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Disclaimer note: This article contains affiliate links, which means we make a small commission if you end up signing up to Grammarly at no extra cost. Saying so, we give high marks to the products which we test and find the best.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an American-based technology company that provides a digital writing assistance tool based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Currently, I am using Grammarly for all my writing needs.


Grammarly defines itself as a writing assistant, which can take care of all aspects of your writing. Be it grammar, plagiarism, readability etc. the tool can take care of all the things. However, Grammarly cannot replace a human checker, but it comes very close.

What does Grammarly do?

Now, the question comes, how much is Grammarly required?

Let me explain,

A small percentage of the world population speaks native English. Once you are in that group, you might think twice to go for the tool.

Now comes the later part, most of us use English as a secondary language. Non-native English people involved in a lot of writing work often come across a lack of words, spelling errors, etc. In that case, Grammarly is a very good tool to help you.

There is a big difference between writing something casual and writing something clear and error-free.

If people have difficulty understanding your message, they will have difficulty understanding you.

The free version of Grammarly checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation while in the pro version you can get a better writing experience with plagiarism check, readability suggestions, synonyms, and writing best practices.

Free and Premium Version: Grammarly review

The Grammarly tool comes both with free and paid versions. It’s always good to start with the free version and get a taste of how Grammarly works.

Grammarly features

Grammarly free version:

The free version suggests the below points,

Spelling: The tool has a robust configuration for checking spellings, which gives an error/mistake-free experience.

Grammar: The tool checks out the grammatical mistakes in any post or article and shows a correction or suggestion as indicated in the snapshot.

Grammarly features

Punctuation: In the same way, Grammarly checks any punctuation error in a sentence and provide suggestions to update.


All the above features are available in the free version of Grammarly.

Grammarly paid versions:

The Pro or paid version adds premium features with the already existing ones as described above. The paid version goes several steps ahead to give a unique, error-free and clean writing experience to you.

Check out the snapshot below to get a brief idea about the various Grammarly plans.

Grammarly versions

The paid version generally offers two plans,

Grammarly Premium: The premium version plan for individuals provide a number of assistance such as tone adjustments, word choice, adding to the dictionary, customization of sentences as per requirements, formality level, plagiarism check and many more in addition to the free features

Grammarly Business: This plan is mainly targeted for a team of 3 to 149 people. The good thing about this plan is that the charge per month per member is somewhat less when compared with the individual premium plan.

So, how much does Grammarly cost? Check the below snapshot for Grammarly paid version charges,

Grammarly premium plans

The difference between Grammarly’s free version and Premium one can be tabulated as shown in the below snapshot.


Using Grammarly as your writing assistant gives a lot of power to your content. You can adjust your writing features as formal, informal, on depending on your needs.

Set your writing goals while starting, and Grammarly be based on the below points,

  • Intent, i.e. for information or description.
  • Audience, you are writing for beginners, experts, or general.
  • Style, want to tell in a formal or informal way.
  • Emotion, the intensity of your writing, mild or strong
  • Domain, you want to write general, academic, information, etc.

Though the assistance provided by Grammarly is not 100% accurate, this is the closest to human proofreading you can get.

Grammarly updates itself every day, and using it in your daily writing can surely give you an edge over your competitors in respective domains.

Grammarly review: Uses

There are many ways to use Grammarly.

In the first option, You can download the desktop app, open it and paste your article or blog in the writing space. The tool will show you all the proofreading assistance. You can go to that part and apply or ignore the suggestions.

The second option is to upload the whole document in the Grammarly tool and check the feedback shown by the software.

And finally, you can add the various Grammarly browser extensions, MS word extensions and start writing on the document. In that way, you can check the tool’s suggestions in real-time or you can check all the feedback after completing the whole article or any other write-up.

Grammarly is immensely helpful to the following type of writers but not restricted to

Is premium version worth: Grammarly review

For me, the Grammarly Premium is definitely of worth.

The free version of Grammarly itself is much better than many free online checking tools, giving suggestions for spelling, grammar, etc.

Now if you are a person who likes to do a lot of writing or even for work purpose if daily writing is required, then you should have a second pair of eyes to simultaneously check your content, that can provide you with best writing practices, improved vocabulary in your sentences, zero grammatical mistakes and a better plagiarism check with many other proofreading facilities.

With all the above tools, Grammarly Premium definitely gets a thumbs up.

Grammarly web installations

You can use Grammarly with several installation options,

Desktop App: The Grammarly desktop app is super simple to use and all you need is to copy and paste your content in the ‘Document’ space or you can directly upload the document and check for all the proofreading and suggestions automatically.

Mobile app: Grammarly is also available for mobiles. The Grammarly mobile app is applicable for both iOS and Android devices.

The mobile app comes with an inbuilt keypad, specially designed for mobile phones. The app can be downloaded from the play store or directly from the site.

Microsoft word: You can use the tool by directly adding Grammarly add-in to Microsoft word. Once after running the tool, Grammarly will automatically start checking the writing.

This add-in is available for Windows presently.

Browser extensions: This is one of the easiest way to use Grammarly.

Grammarly can be added in several browser extensions starting with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari.

It can be used in many apps and sites for proofreading purpose, below are the application


Limitations of Grammarly: Is Grammarly safe?

So, as we know, every good thing in this world comes with limitations, in the case of Grammarly also, it holds good to some extent.

  • Firstly, the Grammarly tool operates only with an internet connection. Without that, the tool is just a dead software.

  • Secondly, the tool stores most of the data that you are writing on the web, so naturally there comes an issue with the privacy of your contents. So, to prevent such unwanted data breaches, whenever you are writing any confidential letter, company documents, handling accounts-related work online or important mail, then just disable or log out of the Grammarly browser add-ins or extensions.

Additionally, just for your information, Grammarly’s bug bounty program on HackerOne is available to the public and also Grammarly maintains a page about its security practices.

  • Thirdly, the free version of Grammarly does not give any taste of the premium features.

  • Finally, the Grammarly tool is expensive compared to its peers such as Prowritingaid and Ginger

Grammarly vs other online writing assistant

There are a number of other online writing tools on the web.

The 2 most competitive writing assistant which comes close or can be compared with Grammarly are

  • ProwritingAid and
  • Ginger

So, let’s check how Grammarly compares it with the above two competitors.

  • Grammarly VS ProwritingAid VS Ginger


  1. Grammarly provide access to 5 devices per user
  2. Do not provide a lifetime license.
  3. Offers extention to more browsers.
  4. More advanced user-interface.
  5. Mobile app for android and iOS.
  6. Free version provides lot of options.
  7. Costs close to 140$ yearly


  1. ProwritingAid provided access to unlimited devices
  2. Provide lifetime license.
  3. Offers browser extension for chrome only.
  4. User-interface bit overwhelming.
  5. Do not provide app for mobile.
  6. Limited option in free version.
  7. Costs close to 80$ yearly.


  1. Grammarly doesnot have a translate option.
  2. Mainly useful to English language users.
  3. User interface more advacened and friendly.
  4. Offer Mac dextop app.
  5. Integrate with MS word.
  6. Fast proofreading.
  7. Costs close to 140$ yearly.


  1. Ginger’s translate to close to 60 languages
  2. Can translate to many language.
  3. Interface less user friendly.
  4. Do not offer any Mac dextop app.
  5. Do not integrate with MS word.
  6. Slow proofreading.
  7. Costs close to 90$ yearly.

Frequently asked questions: Grammarly review

Is Grammarly Safe?

If you are a little confused about the safety measures while using Grammarly for proofreading purposes, let me tell you that you write or type as texts, all your data is fully encrypted. Grammarly exercises as per GDPR and CCPA regulations.

The tool stores your content on its servers for proofreading purposes, however, if you delete the contents from the Grammarly account, your writing remains all yours.

Can I view all my content associated with my account?

To view all your data and content just log in to your Grammarly account and place a request for the same. In this way, Grammarly understands that you and only you can check your data stored in their server.

And if you use Grammarly editor, you can view all your data that are saved on their server.

Is Grammarly free to use?

The basic version of the Grammarly tool is free to use. The version contains the basic proofreading guards such as spelling, grammar and punctuation checks.

To add more options in your writing such as plagiarism check, tone adjustments, word choices, formality level and many other advanced features you have to opt for the premium version which costs around $29.99 monthly.

How is the refund policy?

If you cancel your subscription within 10 days of using it, then Grammarly will refund you at a pro-rated portion of any prepaid fees of the affected service.

Does the Premium version has a free trial?

No. Grammarly has just two plans 1. The Basic plan 2. The Premium plan. The basic plan is free with limited features in contrast the Premium version doesn’t have any free trial.

Grammarly review: My final verdict

If you are involved in a lot of writing, it’s always better to have a double-check with double-layer scrutiny. In such a case the Grammarly tool will immensely help you.

I strongly recommend using Grammarly. Initially, you can start with the free version and once your writing gets better, go with the premium version to get the extra cover.

Based on the above facts, I can definitely say that Grammarly is worthy. I enjoy using the tool, I use Grammarly for all my blog writings. So, how do you use Grammarly? do let me know about your experience with it in the comments section.

And if you are using some other tool, definitely tell me about that.

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