About Me

About Me

Hi!! Welcome to my blog.

I am Tanay. I am professional Mechanical engineer having a deep interest in digital marketing.

After completing my graduation and post graduation in mechanical, I started working as an Engineer for one of the leading engineering consultants in Bangalore.

As time went on I started to build interest in the digital marketing field, thus shoutway.com came into existence. This is my first venture in blogging sphere.

About The Blog

The blog is for the people who loves and are passionate about digital marketing concepts. The blog reflects my learning and my love towards the subject.

As I am much new to this field, whatever I have learned or I am learning, all those I shall pen it down here.  I want to share all those with you.

No body starts as an expert, same is with me. I shall try my best to present you better contents, so that it remains useful and you enjoy it while reading.

Now as the blog has started, this will go on. What I expect is your presence. Do check my blogs and give your valuable comments to make it more useful and better.